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THE 1909


The 1909 is a commercial establishment with a use permit for a Shakespearian theater, a place of worship, and a Corporate event venue.  

We are highly selective of the nature of activities held at on facilities to stay harmonious and integral to their purpose.

We strictly observe the Santa Monica National Park ordinances that are placed on commercial establishments for the safety and preservation of the natural environment. 

THE1909 hours of operation are between 11 am and 11 pm. 

Outdoor music performances are limited to non-electronically amplified instruments. Background music for our events is limited to the hours of 11 am to 8 pm. 

All foot traffic to the site is prohibited during any meditation session held regularly at the facilities. Therefore all visitations must be made in advance by our booking staff

THE1909 provides in-house furnishing and staff for all events however the safety of guests and all participants is the responsibility of the booking individual and/or legal entity. 

Any substance, equipment, or set up that might be a fire hazard would not be allowed on site. 

We do not work with outside catering unless it is for kosher food. 

All events hosting alcohol need to provide events insurance with host liquor liability coverage for the duration of the event. Bartenders or any individual serving alcohol need to have TIPS certification per state of California regulations. 

All events with a number of participants above 40 need to have a professional event coordinator present at the site during the active hours of the event.

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