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THE 1909

Retreat Center

The 1909 Sanctuary is a centre of Healing Sciences, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Arts, Poetry and Celebration and is a registered Place of Worship.


We have events and occasions that will restore, uplift and transform the episodes of your life into fulfillment and totality. The 1909 is an epicentre of that which brings life and mastery into everything and everyone who spends time with us.

Destination Retreat Center, Los Angeles!


As one of the best Yoga Meditation Retreats in Los Angeles, we aim to provide an ambiance and atmosphere that will revitalize your participants and help them harmonize their body, spirit, and mind!

The 1909 is nestled in the hills of Topanga Canyon, settled below the rustic embrace of California Oak trees and accented by the gently flowing waters of Topanga Creek. It provides the perfect balance of tranquility, timelessness, and harmony, making it the best Meditation Retreat in Los Angeles. Yoga enthusiasts love the various venues offered to hold their yoga retreats, which makes it a super successful venue to select.

Offerings as of the Best Yoga Meditation Retreat Los Angeles


We at The 1909, as a Retreat Center in Los Angeles, offer healing Sciences, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Arts, Poetry, and Celebration, and it is a registered Place of Worship. The events organized at one of our offered venues aim to restore, uplift, and transform the episodes of your life into fulfillment and totality. 

You can organize your Meditation Retreat Los Angeles with us at The Meadow or Ceremony Deck. Both are outdoor spaces allowing your guests to practice in the lap of nature with birds chirping and complete tranquility. 

The Meadow, where you can organize your yoga retreat with your participants on real grass, makes it a truly next-to-nature and therapeutic experience. It also has an outdoor Sound System that allows you to play soft music while in a meditative session. 

The Ceremony Deck comes in an Amphitheater-style seating arrangement and has the charm of a Yoga Meditation Retreat Los Angeles. Your participants can get seated to meditate and practice the various yoga asanas on wooden flowing. It can accommodate about 120 participants.

Amidst the tranquility of Topanga Canyon, selecting us at The 1909 as your Retreat Center in Los Angeles, you will have a soul-stirring and enchanting experience. The venue proves to be an abode of spirituality, solace, and peace. A peaceful meditation retreat for your tired and weary mind.

We Take Special Care as a Yoga Retreat Los Angeles


Are you wondering what exactly we do for you? All foot traffic to the venue stays prohibited during meditation or yoga sessions. Moreover, we are highly selective of the nature of activities held at our various venues to stay harmonious.
Take a virtual tour of all our venue spaces offered by us at The 1909 today.

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